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Juktibadi is the Bengali online magazine of Science & Rationalists’ Association of India. The Science and Rationalists’ Association of India (SRAI) was established on March 1, 1985 to fight against superstition, Godmen, Astrologers and claim of paranormal phenomenon. The organization is made up of like minded people coming from different professions. On Dec 10, 1991 another organization, Humanists’ Association (HA) was started as a wing or division of SRAI, to fight the causes of human injustice, and violation of humanity, anywhere. The organizations are not affiliated to any political party.  

Their aim is to eradicate superstition and blind faith, which  include religious fanaticism , astrology , caste-system, spiritualism  and numerous other obscurantist beliefs.

Their view is that rational way of thinking shall be spread among the people as against spiritual or religious teachings, and that alone can bring about social change.

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